Dooms Day prepper? Yah or nah?

Dooms Day prepper? Yah or nah?

April 25, 2019

So I am totally not a dooms day prepper but I like to be prepared! My husband may be border-line and if we had enough storage space and didn't move every 3 years with the Army, I think he would have a much larger stockpile! =)  But with that all said.... are you prepared for a major disaster? We had an interested day here at Wild Ponies! As many of you know I make my ponies out of my garage and in my house on Fort Bragg. Fort Bragg is one of (if not the) largest Army bases in the United States and likely the world. (I really should look that up but you get the's huge and has ALOT of people on it)  So this morning I hear my husband's 5am alarm go off. He checks his phone and begins getting dressed. He notices the power is off. We've had perfect weather so no weather related reason for no power. We both check facebook to find out the entire installation is without power!! As in ALL of Fort Bragg doesn't have power! There are the usual disgruntled comments and people annoyed and worried about losing the food in their fridge and keeping kids occupied with no power while on Spring Break etc. He immediately gets dressed and heads into work. He had an exercise this morning and contemplated if this power outage had anything to do with it. But he is in Command of a Company and needed to be at the office to direct his soldiers what to do. Luckily, I have a husband who makes sure we keep ourselves prepared for things like this, but typically I have some notice of a big storm coming that might knock out power. Today there was no notice, no power and little information! I was also lucky enough to have neighbors who were privileged to the information that this was some kind of exercise and to not worry. So I got out the candles, found my cell phone jump chargers and battery fans. The baby woke up as she heard her daddy leaving (since there was no longer a sound machine in her bedroom to block out the front door opening). I went and got her and turned on a movie we had saved on the IPAD which was luckily charged. She cried for her milk but I knew to not open the fridge in hopes of saving the food we had just purchased. She was fine with an apple sauce squeezer and some early morning snuggles. Once the sun came up it was hard to even notice we didn't have power. We headed to the park with some neighbors to wear the kids out!  All was pretty calm because I knew this was some kind of exercise and there wasn't any actual danger. But my mind kept wondering to "what if this were real?"  "What do I need to do differently to be prepared?" As I said at the beginning....I live on a giant military base and it's easy to have a sense of security since we are literally guarded by armed guards with superior training. But if there were an actual attack on this base, would I know what to do?? It does make me so happy they did this exercise today regardless of how inconvenient it was for most. People missed doctors appointments, went to work with no coffee or makeup and Wild Ponies was non-operation for a few hours, but our military recognizes the potential threats and are training not only our soldiers but their families how to react if the unthinkable were to happen. So take advice from this to have a plan in place. What if you woke up tomorrow, had no power, no communication or information. What do you do?  If you want to read more or some of the ridiculous comments about the exercise follow Fort Bragg N.C. on facebook! =)

Here's the official statement from Fort Bragg in regards to the exercise this morning:

ATTENTION: Power Outage Installation Command Message

Fort Bragg has been conducting an exercise to identify shortcomings in our infrastructure, operations and security by cutting power throughout the installation. Fort Bragg has to train for any possible threats to the installation in order to remain mission capable. This exercise was not announced in order to replicate likely real-world reactions by everyone directly associated with the installation. In today’s world, cyber-attacks are very likely. This exercise is exactly what we needed to do to identify our vulnerabilities and work to improve our security and deployment posture.

We also have a deployment exercise going on at the exact same time and we can demonstrate that we can still deploy and operate in the event of efforts to disrupt, delay, and deny our forces. Within the next 3-5 hours, we’ll be back to normal operating status.

American States Utility Services is asking all water users to adhere to mandatory water restrictions. (More information will be put out concerning water usage at a later time).

We thank all of you for your patience and feedback. Continue to be vigilant and stay safe. Although we use social media as a tool for communicating, your commands are still a reliable source of information. Fort Bragg, will be better tomorrow and the foreseeable future because of this exercise.

As for Wild Ponies, we now have power and fully operational again!!! Please email me with any questions or comments in regards to my ponies! I LOVE special requests!! =)