End of School Year

End of School Year

April 22, 2019

Although October and November are always the busiest for Wild Ponies, it feels like April and May are the busiest for my family! I am ready for SUMMER!!!! I say that now but talk to me in July and I'll be ready for school to start again! =)  It seems like every weekend we have something going on, which is fun but sometimes I just want to stay in my pjs, cook and relax on Saturdays! Summer also come with challenges of when to work with three kids at home! I always have 1 kid at home but she is a great napper!!! Having all three kids at home is a challenge but it is totally doable to still work on my ponies!  I paint and stain in the backyard while my kiddos play in the water sprinkler or swingset, I work on hair and decorating ponies while the baby naps or when she's busy playing pretend with her rocking unicorn.  I also have amazing, energetic employees who work when I can't! Somehow it always seems to come together! I love that wild ponies allows me to be home with my kiddos and I love how my daughters and son see their mom as her own boss! My middle child tells me she wants to be a rocking horse maker when she grows up so she can work when she wants to and still be a mommy!! I love it! It's definitely not for everyone! I've been the straight stay at home mom and the full time working mom when I was a teacher and I have mad respect for both of these times of mommies! I feel like I'm an in-between working and stay at home mom! For those of us struggling until summer with lunchables and chips, skipped baths and exhausting days....the end is near!!! Summer is just a few more weeks away!! Hang in there!!!!! 

Here's my cutie to make you smile!


Check out our newest addition: Rocking Giraffe!!!!



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