First Blog

May 08, 2017

I never thought operating a small business would be so enjoyable.  Since college, I've always been a middle-school and junior-high teacher, but with my husband in the military, and with every state having different licensing requirements (not to mention different countries), I decided a career change was in my best interest.  I went the small business route because I get to set my own hours based on competing requirements from my 3 children.  So there you have it... outside of tee-ball games, gymnastics, piano lessons, and a bottle every four hours, I put my heart and soul into making rocking horses that I hope your kids / grandkids enjoy as much as mine!  Take a look inside my shop to see a few ponies that are being finished up, and will soon be galloping into your home!  I hope everyone has a wonderful day - Jessica

Wild Ponies - Coming to a home near you!