Harvey follow up

August 30, 2017

As a Houstonian and Texan I am at a lost for words for the tragedy that Hurricane Harvey has effected my city. I have been beyond blessed and lucky! Through the whole storm my biggest concern was keeping my kids entertained or safe in a closet during tornado warnings. I've been so impressed with how easily my kids adjusted. They never complained about not being able to leave the house or their mom's constant worry and stress. They thought it was exciting to get in the closet and wait out each tornado warning. We were lucky and never lost power so it was endless movies and Mario Bros nintendo. As I rejoice in my blessings I can't help but feel overwhelming guilt. My childhood neighborhood has water to the roof tops, families lost everything. They were evacuated by boat with the clothes on their back. I cannot even imagine. There were many nights I stayed up worried we would have the same fate. I had a plan. I would use the air mattress to transport my 4 and 6 yr old and I would strap my 5 year old into the baby ergo. Never in my life would I have thought I'd have to stay up at night worrying about how I would save my children (and pets) from a flood. As for the ponies, I moved all the wood to the top shelves and all the finished products to the second story bedroom in my house. Originally I was planning on using this week to build my inventory for upcoming craft shows and Christmas but I couldn't seem to pull myself from the news. Houstonians are amazing and along with volunteers from other states, especially the Cajun Navy, there were so many rescues! I am so proud of my city!! We will rebuild and we unite as one family! As a military wife I've lived in many different states and even overseas and I ruly believe Texans are the most hospitable and gracious people I've ever known! A true Texan will literally give you the shirt off their back!  Tomorrow I am driving to Fort Worth to get the kids out of Houston for a bit, visit family and going to a good ole' TCU football game with the fam! I am taking all current orders with me to mail out of Fort Worth since I'm not sure when UPS will be up and running in Houston again. Thank you for your continued support and loyalty! If you need information of where to send donations or flood victims you can directly donate to please PM me!