Life of the Military Child

Life of the Military Child

April 02, 2019

April is the month of the Military Child. These are my three “Army Brats.”

As most of you know my husband is in the Army and I make my ponies in my garage on Fort Bragg! Purchasing a pony from me not only supports a small, woman owned business but supports a military spouse who got sick of starting from scratch to find job with every PCS. Check out my ponies here:

My husband has been on countless deployments, works long hours and travels often for various trainings. My kids need a mom who is consistent and present. They need a mom who can be there for every single holiday and pageant and at the dinner table praying for our country every evening because sometimes daddy isn’t around for these things. Wild Ponies allows me to be a “stay at home Mom.”  I work when the baby is napping, the kiddos are at school, and after they are all asleep at night. I employ other military spouses and Army brats. It is difficult to keep a career when you move every three years! But luckily Wild Ponies moves with me!!  But enough about me as an Army wife, April is honoring the military children. My husband and I chose this life. Although I didn’t understand at all what it would be like to be “married to the military.” We married on R&R during an Afghanistan deployment in 2007. For those non-military people R&R is when my husband came home from a 15 month deployment  for 18 days of rest & relaxation and then returned back to Afghanistan. So I chose to marry a soldier, I chose the military life. My kids however didn’t have a choice. They didn’t choose to move every three years. They didn’t choose to live thousands of miles away from their grandparents and cousins. They didn’t choose to have to say “see ya later” to countless friends(military families never say goodbye…we just say “see ya later”). They didn’t choose for daddy to miss holidays and birthdays. They didn’t choose for daddy to miss recitals and celebrations at school. They didn’t choose this military life but they are resilient because of this life. If you’ve never met a military child, you are missing out. They can make friends within minutes of meeting a new child. They instantly include others because they know what it’s like to be the new kid.  They have traveled the world and flown more times than many adults. They appreciate every moment they get to spend with their daddy and grandparents. They help mom out with chores that daddy usually takes care of (like scooping poop, checking the mail and killing spiders) They understand a deep sense of pride to be American and know the sacrifices that come with that freedom. Love for their country and family is deep rooted in who they are because of the military life that they live. They will make the most amazing, well rounded citizens and contribute to our country in a way I can’t even imagine.  They know what it means to stop everything and stand at attention as the flag is lowered each day. If you’ve never been on a military base go visit one at 5pm, you will see everyone stop whatever they are doing and stand at attention as retreat plays over the loud speakers honoring the lowering of our flag.  So this April please pray and remember our Military Children, as they deserve our gratitude for their daily sacrifices so that their mom or dad can fight for our freedom! God Bless America and God Bless our Military Children!

Army Brats stopping trampoline fun to stand at attention for retreat. Photo courtesy of fellow mil spouse, Jenny George.