Military Spouse Appreciation Day

May 12, 2017

***Disclaimer: If there are any typos in this blog post, I am typing it one handed while holding my six week old baby who refuses to be put down or held by anyone else but me!**

According to Facebook, today is Military Spouse Appreciation Day. I'm sure this day is completely made up since I am a military spouse and did not receive a day off or a lump sum of money or a bouquet of flowers! But lets be honest military wives never expect those sort of things anyways! My husband and I met in college. He was ROTC and we were friends for two years before we ever started dating. I even remember telling him once that I was too selfish to ever marry anyone in the military! Military life is definitely not for the weak. In the ten years I've been an Army wife, I've had the privilege of meeting some of the most amazing women, wives and moms. They are able to act as a single parent at a moments notice. They are the constant in their children's lives when their husband is gone training or deployed. They are the ones who hold and rock their kids and assure them that daddy misses them just as much and will be home as soon as he's able. They are the ones who feed the kids first and wait to eat a reheated meal when their husband finally gets home from work, just to have a few minutes with him before he goes to bed. I could go on and on about the sacrifices military spouses make for the love of their husband, family and country. What I love most about being a military spouse has nothing to do with my husband. Military spouses have an instant bond that is like no other. Military wives support, love and build each other up without even a second thought. We literally speak a different language that often confuses "civilians." (aka non military people) Between the acronyms and phrases unique to military life we have one thing in common, we make the best of any situation. We typically don't have long to make friends so we have to do it fast. I have learned how to make friends fast and get beyond the acquaintance level to a true friendship. When I enrolled my oldest in kindergarten just a few days after moving in, the school asked for emergency contact numbers besides my husband and I. Luckily, as the movers where unloading all of our belongings two neighbors had already stopped by and gave me their contact info. I immediately shot them a text asking if they'd be an emergency contact for my son's school. No where else in the world would you move into a house, meet a neighbor and list them as an emergency contact!! But this is how military spouses do things. We have to love and trust each other because we don't know anyone else to list as an emergency contact. I have made some of my best of friends at each duty station. This next move will be the most difficult for me. I know I will make friends at the next place we go but I worry about my oldest and only boy! This is the first time he's made a real best friend, someone he instantly connected with. He is sensitive and at times awkward. He doesn't make friends easily and is worried that at his next school he won't have anyone to play with at recess. I try to reassure him that he'll make new friends but I'm also terrified that I'm wrong. I was a teacher and I've seen how mean kids can me. My boy is amazing and I just pray others are able to see that! 

Custom Wild Ponies has allowed me to be that constant in my kids lives while my husband has to put mission first. I am able to have a flexible schedule so I can be there for anything my kiddos need! Thank you for your continued support of this military spouse and my business!