About Us

Jessica - Owner/Operator of Custom Wild Ponies

 Jack - Research and Development (Find new Toys!)

Clara and Lena- Quality Control (Product Tester)

First and foremost, the goal of Custom Wild Ponies is to serve as a platform that raises awareness for pediatric diseases and helps to raise funding for research.  We will do this by naming each pony after an inspirational child an donating a percentage of each order to St. Jude Children Research Hospital.  Go here to donate now! Donate to St. Jude Children's Hospital 

Custom Wild Ponies is owned and operated by a military wife & striving entrepreneur who is trying to bring a smile to every child's face with sassy and jazz filled rocking horses. Our research and development department is led by my young son, and product testing is headed by my two daughters (ages 7&2).  In all reality the 2 yr old is not only the boss of the family but of Wild Ponies as well! 

I've been married to the military for 12 years and after moving to a different state or country 7 times, I finally decided to give up the teaching profession and take on small business ownership.  I enjoyed teaching, but getting licensed in a new location every 12-24 months, and starting at the bottom of the teacher totem pole each time becomes tiresome.  Because of this, I've decided to venture out on my own by operating a small business that raises funding for medical research while giving me the flexibility to relocate when the US Army says it is time to go.

Custom Wild Ponies, just like teaching, is rewarding in that you know you are putting a smile on a child's face.  When I am busy, I have three kids, two dogs, a cat, and five chickens available to help me out.  I know what you are thinking... do we use real chicken feathers to make these Wild Ponies?  Don't fear, NO chickens have been harmed in the making of rocking horses and we do not use their feathers.  They are only responsible for scratching around in the excess sawdust!

All of our ponies are made in Texas and North Carolina (or whichever state the Army sends us to) and we can custom design to match any décor. Check out my shop and feel free to send me any questions.

Peace and Love,
Wild Ponies