Warrior Remy

    1. Named after the Remy the warrior!
    2. Beautiful boy diagnosed prenatally with Congenital Heart Disease
    3. At birth, Remy was diagnosed with Transposition of the great vessels, a Double-Outlet right ventricle, Dextrocardia, a large VSD & multiple ASDs along with Pulmonary valve stenosis & many more abnormalities in relation to having dextrocardia. (His heart is turned to the right and twisted significantly)
    4. CHD is the number one birth defect in the world, with 1 in 110 babies being born with some form of this disease
    5. Learn more about Congenital Heart Disease
    6. Donate to March of Dimes
    1. This rocking horse is designed for a true warrior!
    2. Grab onto the sturdy handlebars and step onto the rockers for a safe and sturdy riding experience
    3. Every ride will be a picture-perfect moment
    4. Encourages gross motor skills, balance, coordination, imaginative play
    5. Personalize your rocker with a name HERE
    1. Durable, sturdy, safe rocking horse made from birch
    2. Warrior fabric on legs with baby blue hair and warrior feathers
    3. Small horse 23"x10"x21" (ages 1-3)
    4. Large horse 27"x10"x27" (ages 3-5)
    1. Each horse is made to order
    2. Allow 7-21 days from order to delivery
    3. Expedited build and ship option (1-6 days) available at checkout
    4. Rocking Horse is shipped partially assembled
    5. Fully assembled shipping option available at checkout
    6. Ships from Fort Bragg, NC with UPS Ground

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